Krah pipe production line

Krah Pipe Production Machine, Large Diameter Winding Pipe Production Line

DuraLine Group is one of the world’s leading suppliers of Krah pipe production technology. Our latest research and development breakthroughs in large diameter Krah Pipe...
PET Bottle washing Line

PET Bottle Recycling Machine Washing Line 2000KG

Description PET Bottle Washing Line Recycling Machine from Duraline takes dirty PET bottles as its input and outputs clean PET flakes. The clean PET...

PP PE Film Pelletizing Line, Compacting Double Stage

Description This PP PE film pelletizing line feature two single-screw extruders, and the machine is especially designed for processing super thin PP PE film...

PE-X / Steel / PE-X Pressure Pipe Production Line

Description Duraline Group began development on our plastic-steel-plastic (PE-X/Steel/PE-X) multi-layer pressure pipe technology in 1998, and successfully brought this technology to the market in year 2000 after 2 long...
PEX-AL-PEX Pipe Production Line Butt Welding Gun

PEX-AL-PEX Pipe Production Line, TIG Butt Welding

Description Duraline Group has placed great emphasis on its high speed butt welded PEX-Al-PEX multi-layer pipe technology. In 1997, we developed and manufactured the...
HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Production Line

HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Production Line

Description Duraline’s HDPE/PP/PVC large diameter double-wall corrugated pipe production line is an exemplary representation of Duraline’s philosophy and values. It contains some of the latest and...
Large Caliber HDPE Extrusion Line

Large Diameter HDPE Solid Wall Pipe Extrusion Line

Description ● Solid wall HDPE Pipes are the current standard for critical applications like urban water supply and city gas transportation. Duraline’s large diameter...
PP PE Film Water Ring Pelletizing Line, Water-Cooling Screw Plastic Pellet Making Machine

PP PE Film Water Ring Pelletizing Line, Water-Cooling Screw Plastic Pellet Making Machine

Product Description: This water-cooling single screw plastic pellet making machine is one stage plastic regenerative pelletizer, which is suitable for many kinds plastic waste...
PP PE Film Pelletizing Line Compacting

PP PE Film Pelletizing Line, Compacting Die Face Cutting

Product Description: 1. This PP PE Film Granulating Machine line can process recycled PP PE film and turn them into PP PE granules. 2....
PEX-AL-PEX Pipe Production Line, Ultrasonic Overlap Welding

PEX-AL-PEX Pipe Production Line, Ultrasonic Overlap Welding

Description The overlap welded PE-X/Al/PE-X multilayer pipe production line designed by Duraline Group can produce 5-layer overlap welded PE-X/Al/PE-X pipes with PE, PERT or...


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cheap plastic extruderMost Competitive Price

Incorporated in United States, DuraLine Group represents 8 of the largest plastic machinery factories on China’s Eastern Coast. Each factory is highly specialized in unique types of plastic machinery, including various kinds of pipe production line, plastic extruder machine, plastic recycling, pellet making machine, board & sheet extrusion line, as well as blow molding and injection molding machines. Our combined resources and experience enable us to offer cutting-edge machine solutions at the most competitive price you can find.
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best plastic extruder machineMost Complete Solutions

We understand your needs. In order to meet your production goals, we tailor our machines to the finest detail – our extraordinary engineering team is comprised of specialists across fields such as pipe production lines, material formulation, and extruder machine design. We also have a team designing custom dies for clients. Not only We build machines, we build complete solutions that others can’t offer. Come to visit our state-of-art factories and talk to some of the most brilliant minds in the industry.
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extrusion machine from chinaDelivery + Installation

We have an amazing track record of on time delivery and will install and test our machines on site. Among the over 35 countries we ship our machines to, our experienced engineering and support teams travel around the world to clients’ facilities to help with installation and training. Our turnkey solution insures you will be up and running in no time. No matter which country you are from, our impeccable service is standard across all our teams. At DuraLine, Our goal is to insure you get the highest return from your investment.
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